Month: February 2017

A Calming Influence

We spent a few hours this morning beginning to wire over the roof of the outdoor Guinea Run. It is exciting to see it taking shape! The jennies thought we were spending way too much time there.

The Guineas have a lot of the goings on in the paddock figured out. When they hear the gate of the back paddock opening they know someone is coming. Miss Charlie sets off the alarm. If we are working out of sight and they don’t know ‘who’ or ‘what’ that noise is … Miss Charlie sets off the alarm. If the donkeys are running in the woods and they can’t see them … Miss Charlie sets off the alarm. I wonder if those silly roosters even take note of what is happening around them? 😉

What we have also learned is that if I go to the coop door and talk to her she calms right down. Sometimes I can even call her name from out of sight and it works too. It has been fun to have Ede out there with me. Someone else to see that all happening. Smart birds! And soon we humans may have caught up to what she is trying to say. Ha!