Oh … Brettski! I spent part of the afternoon at one of my favourite places … the Tryon Farm. And there are bambinos all over the place! Cari let me know there were two dwarf goats born yesterday so we went out to the nursery to visit. As we were heading to the barnyard she looked up to see a brand new lamb had just been born. So ……. sweet! Our kitten, Oz, is bigger than those two little goats. They were still very wobbly on their little legs. We all had some great cuddle time.

Kyla, remember that little goat with the upturned ears you were holding at Christmas? Cari has her today. Look how much bigger she is! They are all furry like the donkeys are in the winter. Very soft to pet and eager to see what people are coming to visit.

Meanwhile, back here at the Meadow everything was cozy. Seemed like animals and humans alike were having a relaxing Sunday. Take a look at Oz and Teddy cuddling on my desk chair! Teddy was grooming Oz and licking his ears. He has decided Oz can stay!

2 comments on “Bambinos”

  1. So glad Teddy has decided that Oz has a place in your family! That’s so sweet. I love your photo of the donkey eye. They are so beautiful. And baby goats and lambs, nothing cuter!

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