Day: January 28, 2017


There seems to be a theme rolling around my shots today. Oz loves to spend time chasing the cursor around my computer screen. In order to divert his attention I tried to introduce him to iFish on the iPad. Being a water cat he did not hesitate to jump right into the ‘pond’ but was disappointed there was no water! Not a digital fisherman. january-280013He is however interested in fishing for Teddy’s attention. At first I couldn’t see why Ted was so hesitant to walk through the fireplace room …
Upon closer examination Teddy’s thinking made sense! Ha! Oz was waiting inside the couch!

It was a beautiful weather day. Not sunny but mild enough. When the temperature dove the other night I put a few extra hay bags out for the jennies. I hung one at each barn door. Usually our bags would be attached to the inside of a stock tank on the floor. But I noticed the next day that the two ‘door bags’ were completely empty while the ones in the bins were not. I tried another hanging bag and again those were completely empty by morning. So … we’re testing out a new system – only for inside the barns. I’ve hung the bags high enough that they don’t droop down to hoof level when empty but are still low enough for the jennies to munch on them without tilting their heads back. Their vote was a definite ‘YES’ when they saw me put them up. I will need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are not a tangle hazard.