Day: January 27, 2017

Let’s Add a Little Sunshine

We can get laughing around here when I come out with comments like, “The Guineas are really looking very ugly today …” Apparently some people feel there isn’t a day that isn’t the case. I continue to find them quite fun to watch. And lately I’d even say quite fun to interact with. They are getting closer and closer to me when I sit with them. Yep, I do that. Sit with them. Sit with them for at least twenty minutes a day. Often – much longer. That is why there are so many pictures of them. I sit. I watch. I take pictures. They eat. They watch. And they pose. A perfect relationship. Ha!

Whereas I spend hours with the jennies those hours are spent with very busy hands. Raking up the paddocks and the barns. Filling up the hay bags. Picking ice and snow out of hooves. Scratching backs and ears … and butts. I have to remind myself to take out my camera more often than when I stop and they eat. I know you get to see a LOT of pictures of donkeys eating. A novelty today is getting to see donkeys eating in the sunshine!