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Do you remember Barbara Woodhouse? She used to have a television show where she would demonstrate her techniques training dogs. I think the reason she sticks in my head is because of the many parodies made of her saying “Walkies!” That is what Darby and I are up to these days. She is getting bigger again – mostly filling out more muscle. She isn’t heavy by any means. She is also very head strong. So I figure it is a good investment for she and I to go on as many walks as we can. I want to be confident that if we had to she and I could walk through a confusing situation. She loves to work on training – as I mentioned earlier – because she loves the rewards (little chunk of carrot, dried apple or a small handful of grain). I bought her a new halter today. When she saw me a) wearing the ‘training vest’ and b) carrying the halter; she knew immediately that she had better get her nose in there before Rosie or Bella did. I had the halter over my left arm while I gave Rosie and Bella a quick treat with my right. I still need to find a better way to start a training session with ONE donkey. The other two also so badly want their turn right away!

When Darby and I got back from our walk I made sure I spent some time with each of Rosie and Bella in the Bully Barn. We play ‘training games’ where I ask them to touch something, or ask them to pick up their feet, or ask them to turn around. I swear Rosie can speak English and knows what I’m saying even if it is a new request. Bella isn’t quite there yet. But she does know the game involves her solving a puzzle of sorts with a tasty treat as a reward.

The Guineas were more spread around again tonight. I think the mirror being upright has added a whole new dimension to their space. One of them is always checking it out while the others eat or perch. I had to laugh at my thoughts tonight … Miss Charlie needs some feminist training – or as they called it in my day ‘women’s liberation’! 😉 I so want to change the habit that has developed of the roosters eating only if they send her first up to be out of their way. I suppose at least she has the mirror and the monster branch to entertain her. I think I am going to consider another hen. The trick would be making sure it is another hen. It would not be good news to introduce another rooster. I will have to do some research on that.

I wish I had had my camera with me in the kitchen this morning and at lunch. Teddy and Oz are now playing and wrestling and enjoying each other. Oz will leap onto him while Teddy rolls onto his back. We are impressed with how gently Teddy responds to him. I’ll catch a shot one of these days… that isn’t a blur!

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