Ahhh… snow … the lovely kind


Woke up to lovely powdery snow. The kind that comes with a little sunshine. Made for a gentle day of chores with lots of extra time for just hanging around. I even found time to play clicker games with Darby this afternoon. She loves a challenge and she adores a reward!

Meanwhile, in the coop, Miss Charlie was finding it hilarious that the roosters were still under the spell of their own reflections. I think it took their minds off bullying her!

The indoors crew continued with their bonding work. Teddy now searches Oz out. They’ve been wrestling, playing tag and sharing food dishes today. All that excitement meant they both needed a good long afternoon nap. I’ve noticed the tabby spot on Oz’s right side looks like a heart. He certainly has mine!

2 comments on “Ahhh… snow … the lovely kind”

    1. Hmmmm … perhaps Oz has a wise old heart! Yes, I can see what you mean. Squirrels DO hibernate during the coldest parts of the winter. It has been so mild they’ve been out and about. There are seven at the feeder this morning! We worry for them as running around burns up calories – so we make sure there is food they can get at in the winter. It is easy to stay warm in this kind of weather. I think the polar vortexes might arrive in February … THEN it will c….c….cold!

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