I Can’t Stop Looking!


I decided to move the Guinea mirror so it stood tall instead of long across the floor. Oh my! That was hilarious. I wondered if they even saw themselves in the mirror anymore. It had become quite dirty and was low enough to the ground that they really could only peek down into it. It sure seemed to be a big surprise when they saw how tall they were… assuming they have figured out it is their reflection. I wonder …

Last night I was preparing as much as I could for the snowstorm. I decided I’d haul a few more sections of the maple we cut down to the paddock for donkey snacks. One of the branches looked to be the perfect length for the Guinea coop. Now THAT was exciting! When I open the door they usually don’t fuss very much. When I walk in pushing a big brown monster sized ‘snake looking thing’ ahead of me – there is plenty of fuss! I kept my hand up around my head to ward off the flurry of wings and to try to make sure no one got out. When the dust had settled one Guinea was roosting on my head! Another on my arm! Well, that is one way to make friends with them. Ha! I put the branch in place quite pleased with myself and then sat to watch their reaction to it. Long story short, even when I was heading up to bed later and checked the coop cam they were all pushed against the furthest wall sleeping on the floor. I was happy to find Miss Charlie perched on the monster branch this morning. Haven’t seen the roosters up there yet. I am very curious about how they are going to handle their first experiences in our woods. That is either going to be highly entertaining … or extremely stressful!

2 comments on “I Can’t Stop Looking!”

  1. Great video of the guineas! I can’t get enough of them and want to get more this spring. I will be curious to see you you think the hay bag works. We have been using solid bags that just have a cut-out with some grid lines that Jingle and the buck can pull hay from, but they don’t like it (they pull as much as they can from the top). I bought a regular hay bag, with all stretchy openings, and have been afraid to put it out. Not sure if the donkey will put a foot wrong, or the buck will get his horns caught. Probably not the best laid plan ever.

  2. I’ve used them for four years now. Check out this post to see how I tie them into a bin so they don’t walk onto the nets. https://meadowmice.net/2015/01/15/bag-em/ I have to admit that this is my first time leaving one hanging on the wall. But it is high enough that they don’t have their hooves at that level and in locations that they don’t back into. So far … so good.

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