It’s Back


It was great yesterday afternoon … watching the ice get pocked all over the front paddock. The jennies even fit in a bit of a run. Today – different story! When we got down there I realized the melt had reformed the ‘rink’. We are back to glare ice. I looked at the Bully load of wood chips and manure that I had just enjoyed clearing out of the barns … and was looking forward to pitching into the new compost bin … Hmmm … I dumped it right there between the hay barn and the wind shelters. After spreading it around the jennies had a much bigger area to hang out in. Hopefully the snow coming through tonight will bind to the chips … and the ice. I remember a winter that started like this in 2013. We had the ice layer for the entire four months. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t repeat that feat this year. I can’t even imagine what this is going to mean for the spring clean up. Yoiks!

4 comments on “It’s Back”

  1. They are so sweet! I love donkey soft lips and noses. I hate this melt and re-freeze situation as well. And when we cover the ice with bedding, straw or hay, it insulates the ice and it’s there even longer! It’s not fair! I hope your weather tonight isn’t too bad. We are expecting snow, ice, then rain. I can’t even imagine!

    1. I have experienced that insulating effect of the wood chips. In our first winter the ice under the loose hay bale lasted until mid-July!! That is why we built the hay barns to keep the hay inside. Even as this winter was starting and I decided to build a wind shelter for loose hay I had settled with the idea that I would be moving that hay bed in the middle of the summer again. Ha! Hope I still feel it is worth it then. At least I’ve learned that I can either work at it for hours and hours and hours … or leave it until it thaws and then just scoop it away. (As long as it thaws before NEXT winter I think I can be patient enough!) 😉

  2. You spend a lot of time with the Jennies to ensure their safety. Ice is terrible. Oz’s sister Annabelle will sit by the patio doors for hours hoping to see the squirrels and birds. I told her, her brother gets to enjoy this all day. I see your babies enjoy being beside you while you’re trying to type something on the computer. We have the same problem. They have bonded really well. I have no idea what kind of weather to expect tonight. It changes all the time. Hopefully the weather will be kind.

    1. Hi Dale. What a cute image to think of that little Annabelle sitting by the patio doors! Yes, Oz LOVES the ‘bird channel’, especially when his favourites (the chickadees) are there. This morning Teddy and Oz are running around chasing and playing at wrestling. It has really warmed our hearts to see them starting to play. I was enchanted when they curled up in front of me on my desk. Of course, Oz doesn’t lay still for very long. 😉

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