Day: January 22, 2017

Presto! Bingo!

New trick in the paddock last night … I was hanging out with the Guineas when Miss Charlie alerted me to an interloper at the windows. Darby does not like it when I disappear into the coop. She lurks at the door, walks around and around the coop and the barn … and then discovered a great new idea … locking me in! Yep – she accidentally (I hope) twirled the wooden stopper at the bottom of the door to the ‘locked’ position. I didn’t realize until I figured it was time to call it a day. Ahem! Good thing I happened to have one of the walkie talkies. That was a funny call to make . “Ahhh … Ede? Are you there? Darby seems to have locked me in the coop!”