Day: January 18, 2017


Last night we got hit with freezing rain however it actually meant our paddocks were easier to get around. Go figure! The rain and ice pellets coated the glare ice that was the front paddock surface with a crunchy layer. The donkeys didn’t realize the change until I took them down when I did the chores. Their reaction – RUN! They had a good game of chase up and down the hill.

The woods and the hilltop are still the best places to roam. The snow is not deep and the ice not thick. Bella has claimed the highest point as her ‘roost’. She rolls her head in a challenge to Darby and me … a ‘come on and get me’ dare!

A few of the Morning Doves picked up icy tails overnight. I guess it doesn’t pay to be the one on the outside of the huddle! We watched one poor guy in particular whose tail was so heavy it just dragged on the ground behind him. Others were having to ski on their big feet down the waves of snow. Oz was highly amused.

The Guinea roosters were on their perches when I delivered the millet treat this afternoon. Bonus for Miss Charlie! Finally she got to be the one who had first dibs. She sure made me laugh a little while later. She had flown up to the window to chatter at me while the roosters had their meal. She was so focused on me that she didn’t notice when Darby’s face popped up at the window inches from her beak – aaccckk! She fell straight backwards off the perch in surprise. Darby would love it if I would just let her help me with the Guinea training.

It is a great day when I get time to serve up scrunchies in the paddock. I take out my old milk carton seat and set up shop. That first photo above is of the jennies lined up in the barn each waiting for her turn to get the beauty treatment! We’re above freezing tonight and they are enjoying the chance to move around more.

Now we’re all settling in for the night. Teddy is asleep on my desk here in front of my keyboard. Oz is curled up cozy in his bed. And the ‘nanny cams’ show that the outdoor critters are ready to call it a day. Hope you had a good one – kids around our area had a second ice day in a row. No buses – they get to stay home!  Always loved bonus holidays when I was a kid. I’m glad country kids get that advantage to make up for all the time they spend traveling to schools!