Day: January 17, 2017

Dodged Another One

Phew! Although we got perhaps an hour or so of freezing rain it was preceded by snow and followed by snow. I hope that ice ‘Oreo’ sticks to the rink that is our front paddock.

I totally vegged today. Are you a Netflix fan? A few years ago Linda Carson (7MSN Ranch which is a great blog read) caught my interest when she mentioned binge watching a show called “Breaking Bad”. Hmmm … rancher – horse lover – donkey lover – Breaking Bad. I bet that was a good show about training horses … If you know about that series you can just imagine my mental fog as I sat through the first episode wondering when he would end up on the ranch. What a laugh when I figured that out! I ended up hooked on the show anyway. But also got hooked then on Netflix. They create great series. I loved “Orange is the New Black”. And “The Crown”! Don’t get me going on that one. AMAZING series. Almost satisfies my craving for more “Downton Abbey”. And now I’m testing the waters with the “OA”. There is something so much more enjoyable about watching a show with NO commercials – and watching it whenever you want – AND pausing – going away for a day or two and coming back to exactly the same point you left. It was great fodder for a freezing rain afternoon.