Day: January 16, 2017

Slip Sliding!

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. The jennies were down in the front paddock welcoming the sun when I first looked out the window. Even the Guineas were soaking in sunshine in the coop. There was just one catch …

… the jennies need skates! It truly would not take much to turn what ice is already there into a rink. I’ve never seen it like this – thick – hard – very slippery ice – everywhere!  Again today I spread hay, wood chips and even manure in an expanding island so the jennies can move around between the hay barn and their sun shelters. I’ve done the same in the back paddock.

The jennies will not step over icy patches. As soon as I put down a new trail of wood chips they are on my heels to check it out. Bella was funny this afternoon as she kept moving from a pile of hay – around the ice – to her munching stick.
Meanwhile inside Oz was having a rest. He was completely worn out by noon! As was ever vigilant Teddy! Days are lively around here!