Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th and the wolf moon! All creatures were on alert … especially the Guinea roosters. (Video clip above – viewable on my blog site)

Cold … but sunny! Love these sunny days. Our set up is great for winter. The jennies can get out of the wind no matter what direction it is coming from. This morning they were down at the front paddock soaking up the sun while curled into the hay beds under the shelter. When I met up with them this afternoon they had made their way to the back. They knew I had a treat for them and let me know in no uncertain terms that they could not get to me over the icy patches. I had made a pathway for them yesterday to the water. But that was as far as they could get. So this afternoon I spent my time scattering salt and spreading more wood chips and hay where it could freeze and make a much better footing. I will be kicking myself come time for the spring clean up. I will just have to flick back and look at the pictures from this month. We are in for another mild spell … so even more glare ice is in the future. Yikes!

4 comments on “Friday the 13th”

  1. Between being Fri the 13th, a wolf moon and having a black cat running across the road as you are driving to work for a 12 hr day shift, I’m thinking Oh my gosh what am I in for?? Crazy day it was but glad I’m not working the night shift!!!!

  2. Love the wooden chairs settled into their dugouts in the snow 🙂 Hope the sun sticks around for you all. Laura

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