Road Crew

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With the blinds pulled last night and the rain driving against the window panes I could easily think it was a spring storm. The rain politely stopped by breakfast time. That gave me time to ‘rescue’ the jennies from the front paddock. We walked up the hill through any snowy spots we could find as the Bully Road was a rink. By the time we came home from grocery shopping they were down front again – nestled into the hay beds. They seem to like being able to lay down and eat at the same time. Go figure!

The Guinea coop windows have cleared up with the thaw. I had a mind to take an ice scraper to them last week the frost was so thick. They enjoy sitting by the windows on their perches to watch the action in the paddock. Miss Charlie continues to be ousted … I think tomorrow I might put the little feeder we used when they were first here so she can have a tray for millet treats even when the roosters have taken over the main feeder. The brutes!

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