Day: January 11, 2017

New Year’s First Full Moon

Remember when I predicted I would have HOURS of snow plowing ahead of me today? Been there – done that – all day. I know the January melts are messy. I do enjoy working out in warmer weather though. Knowing that tomorrow calls for rain – lots of rain – motivated me to get going. Two laneways – two paddocks – the Bully Road (trail over the hill that links the paddocks) – and all the barns shoveled out. Two new round bales delivered and stored. Then I started my regular chores. The jennies were delighted. Lots of chances to fly across freshly cleared runways. It does make me chuckle to see them enjoy the freedom when the snow and ice is cleared away. They run with their heads held high – prancing like draft horses through the trails – then put their heads down and tails up and sprint like the wind across the clearings. When you combine that action with the full out squawking from the Guineas I find I am laughing in pure delight. Here I am … on my hobby farm … a retired gal soaking it all in. Happy full moon everyone!