The Weather is Making Me Dizzy!


The Guineas are hitting the ‘clown face’ stage. So long cute little brown striped noggins. Hello red and white mottled heads … with growing horns that must cause headaches! The video clips above are from this morning. The keets are now 14 weeks old. (If you get this via email you’ll need to go to the blog to see the video.)

I was out in three seasons in one day – pouring rain – lovely sunshine – and a white out blizzard! I spent a while sitting with the Guineas. Their metamorphosis is fascinating! Their faces are almost all white now … and the roosters are definitely growing a horn in the middle of their foreheads. I’m now back to thinking Chip, Beaker and Sir Henry are roosters and Miss Charlie is the only hen. At one point this morning they ALL let out some crazy trilling calls … all three jennies and I popped out of the barns we were in to look at each other and then we all shrugged and realized the racket was the Guineas.

The jennies are doing pretty well with the weather. Now that they have shelter both in the front and the back paddocks they can move around and not get stranded in rain or sleet. If they are out front when it starts they all duck under cover. I used to feel so bad when I’d look out and see them all huddling under the bare trees looking for a break. Usually once a bad rain started it was nearly impossible to get them to move very far. They just would all strike Eyore poses and wait …

Having the heat lamps has also been a bonus. We don’t use them regularly. But when it is pouring rain like this – or when there is a heavy snow – I like to have them on. That way the jennies’ backs can dry off. Otherwise they head into the freezing temperatures of the night with wet fur that turns to icicles. Brrrr! I’m only using 100 watt heat bulbs in their barns. Later in the winter I can use 175 watts if we hit polar vortexes. Mostly though I leave them off. The barns are able to hold their body heat without that heat source.

Seems many people in the Ottawa area are out of power after last night’s ice storm. We really managed to sidestep a bad one. Good luck Ottawa! Hope you get your power back soon.

6 comments on “The Weather is Making Me Dizzy!”

  1. Laugh, there is just no way you can call the keets Pretty! Have you let them out into the snow yet? sounds very cold there, brrr. Stay safe and keep warm everyone. Laura

  2. Great photo of the keet head! I miss our guineas and want to get more this spring. And what is it about the donkeys that they will stand out in the bad weather when there is shelter 20 feet away? I can’t figure it out, either!

  3. It’s so much fun to watch your bird’s growth through these posts. I LOVE your last photo – there is something so beautiful about a guinea’s eyes – always reminds me of a porcelain baby doll from China I cherished as a child. Our own birds are young adults now, and I have yet to figure out their gender – but I certainly enjoy caring for them! Thank you for your pictures and stories, Wendy!

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