Today’s chores were about getting ready. There is a whopper of a storm heading our way tomorrow. Two systems in fact. One from the west, another from the southeast. Rain, snow, rain, sleet and then snow. The barns in the back paddock are stocked with full hay bags. There are two buckets of water filled at the top of the stairs. The Guineas are tucked in with extra food and a more spacious roost bar. They were crowding the edge of the coop with their now extra long tail feathers! I’ve got bags of salt ready to help the jennies move around in the back paddock between their barns and the water buckets. I checked on the generator and the long cord that can attach it to our GenLock to provide the whole place with power should hydro go down. My raincoat is dry – my boots are dry – I’ve got four pairs of mitts ready to go. It won’t be so stressful to wake up and hear the rain on the roof knowing the animals all have dry places to be. Good luck everyone!

6 comments on “Preparations”

  1. Oh dear, we are getting something coming from your way tomorrow night. Unfortunately, the coast of Maine is going to be getting more rain, no snow, and so the ice in our paddocks is only doomed to be thicker and uglier. Yuck. Good luck on your preparations! it sounds like you are ready for anything.

    1. The rain held off until this morning. It is just starting. That is great as I can talk the jennies into the back paddock and keep them off the hill. Here’s hoping!

  2. I’ll pass that compliment along to Darby! I’m looking out my window this morning at all the morning doves huddled in the fir trees. The storm has now shifted time wise and will likely be heaviest this afternoon and tonight. We sure are having more ‘ice storms’ like this … Miss our old fashioned snow storms!

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