And it is just the beginning!

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Love how many excited kids I met up with today who are tickled with the fact that their holiday is only just beginning! They’ve had Christmas and family and fun … all packed into one weekend. And then here came Monday … the first day in a long two week stretch of wonderful free time. Remember that feeling?

Had lots of family visits here at the Meadow today. Kate and Corey headed home. What a treat to have our big kids and little kids here all at once! James and Brett made it through the rain last night safely to their cozy hq. Today my sister, Marg, came through. We popped her out of her warm dry car and told her we were taking her to the farm of friends just down the road. By the time we got back from Tryons she was feeling a bit like a popsicle! We fed her some warm lunch and she hit the road.

Tonight we hermit grammas and granddaughters are holding down the fort. Happy beginning of holidays to all the kids and teachers out there.

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