Playing in the Dark


We’re in the opposite season to ‘make hay while the sun shines’. By five o’clock it is dark around here. For the next month or so I need to find ways to entertain the donkeys myself even when it is pitch black outside.

The Guineas don’t seem to care if it is dark or light outside their coop. What they do care deeply about is being ALERT to any strange or new items in their home. I thought I’d start the process of giving them their millet treat on the ground today. (Rather than up on top of the nesting boxes. They are all getting so much bigger it can get very crowded up there.) Seemed like a simple idea … shake the millet bottle … ring the cow bell … put down the treat. They would see it … aha! And then run happily to the new spot to greedily gobble up their favourite food. OPPOSITE! Run! Run! Those silly birds pressed themselves as flat as they could against the far wall trying to stay away from the solid unmoving plain looking ceramic plate scattered with millet. Didn’t help much if I gently moved it toward them – run! Run! Or placed it up where they are used to getting millet – ACK! Such chickens … oh … well … I guess they sort of are chickens. Is THAT why we say ‘Don’t be a chicken?!’

Revised the plan … maybe we’ll spend a week just getting used to the murderous new threat of a plate in the coop. Then next week I will begin to use if for the evening millet feeding. Remember, the idea is that by … spring time? … they will know that the cow bell ringing means dinner time and show up at the coop for the night. Lots of time …

Hope you got to peek at Venus chasing the moon across the horizon at twilight. What a show!

2 comments on “Playing in the Dark”

  1. It will certainly be interesting when they are out and start making their signature raucous sounds! The jennies will have to get used to that.

    1. Me too! I can just imagine the jennies running up the hill to get away from the scary noise … and the Guineas running down hill to get away from the jennies!

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