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Sunshine and blue skies … is this November? We’ll take it! Had some time this morning to hang out with the Guineas. These four seem to have very distinct personalities. Well … at least three personalities. Henry (large white patch on his side) is the alpha. In charge of all matters and care of the rest. Miss Charlie (smallest) will do her best to always be beside him. Even if it means crawling over the ‘twins’. Chip and Beaker are very hard to tell apart. They stick together. They are all still singing the keet tweet song. Much gentler than the loud Chi they will soon be warbling at me. I found out that another name for a group of Guineas is a ‘confusion’! That matches our group better than the other name I found which was a rasp. Although I got to visit the Tryon Farm this afternoon. LOVE THAT PLACE! Cari took me to see her Guinea keets. They are much bigger than ours. Fun to see what stage comes next. Then we checked out her two adult Guineas that are in with her chickens. They really do have a very funny call. Now that could easily be the source for calling them a ‘rasp’.

I got to take Rosie for a walk around the fair grounds tonight. She is great to walk with. She does like to stop for some grazing but will easily rejoin me to walk on. I enjoy watching her looking things over and taking in the sights. When we finished our ’rounds’ she was very keen on doing another. But the sun had gone down. Time to head home. You can bet Darby and Bella were waiting for us – anxious to make sure Rosie hadn’t eaten all of the training treats. Darby is getting to be pretty good at playing fetch with a hula hoop. I toss it ahead of us. She goes and gets it and brings it to me. She does expect me to at least start to walk toward her. I feel a bit bad for her when later she will get hold of the hoop and carry it to find me – expecting another treat! She isn’t happy when I give her the ‘all gone’ sign with my hands. Bella just traipses along trying to figure out what it is the others are doing to get treats! I haven’t found what ‘game’ would be good to play with her yet. Enjoy the super moon tonight. Hugs from we Meadow creatures!


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