Down in the Mouth Kind of Day


Woke up early – turned on the tv to see if we just listened with our eyes closed would we be be able to hear the results of the American election? “In HIS acceptance speech …”  That was a full wake up call. Suddenly it felt like a topsy turvy world. It is not our country … but sure is a very close neighbour. We see a LOT of American news … are host to many American families as summer residents in our area … and have family in the States. Everyone, regardless of their voting choices, seems to be holding their breath to see what will come of such an about face in leadership style and policy. Much of the world seems to be feeling the same. I think the wisest thing I read today was written by a former student of mine now teaching in Columbia. Excuse me Julia Hale for quoting you … “In the last 6 months I have lived through Brexit, Voto por la Paz and now this… Hey 49% – since having another baby probably isn’t in your future (although that would likely help)-  this week go make 3 new friends… from the 51%. We need more tolerance, more prayer, more listening to each other and less division.

Now wide awake we found ourselves overdosed on the news before nine o’clock. Heading out to the paddock was the perfect therapy. We were expecting our vet to arrive sometime before noon to do a dental check on all three jennies. Bella was our chief concern. She seemed to be having trouble chewing. Turned out she had some caps from her baby teeth that were ready to come out but were ‘stubborn’. One had cracked and was flopping in her mouth when she tried to chew crunchy things like little pieces of carrots. So on went the ‘dental brace’ (no pictures for that) and out came those caps. Sounds so ‘easy’ … but it is quite the process! It started out with a wicked dose of sedative administered in a shot to the jugular. Within minutes poor Bella was wobbly and woozy. What a reward for how quickly she ran into the barn to be ‘first’ today! Awww ….

Darby was up next. She had been watching the whole procedure through the barn door with growing alarm. When I suggested it might be ‘her turn’ she said absolutely NOT! Instead she agreed to cozy up to Dr. Macdonald outside the barn away from all that scary looking equipment. Her teeth were all fine – caps now all gone – no pointy molars to worry about yet.

Finally Rosie sensed her opportunity to get into that barn and earn her reward (which SHOULD have been a crunchy tasty treat – that is how our system works after all …) Poor Rosie! Between moving wobbly Bella to a safe corner and holding Darby off at the door I ended up having to put the reward dish outside the paddock gate. The look in Rosie’s eye could not have been plainer – duped!  Once we got Rosie all tied into the dental brace it turned out she needed a few teeth filed down. (Donkeys can develop very pointy sharp teeth that cause trouble when they chew. I wonder what happens to wild donkeys in that regard?)

By the time all was said and done … I had two very woozy minis and one very concerned Darby. Only when I gathered all of them into the same barn and closed the gate – to keep Rosie and Bella away from food until they regained their senses – did they calm down. Darby simply stood by her buddies and waited. I was very impressed.

You’d think that would be the end of the day’s excitement … but no. I had an afternoon appointment with our small animal vet and Rufus. Poor Ru has been developing terrible breath. He is eating fine, drinking fine, playful, energetic … but something had to be causing that odour. We made it up and down the highway – a much quieter trip home. I think he was some glad to be still with me by then. But poor guy needs to go back down on Monday for an overnight stay … he has two very badly infected molars. We’ll start with antibiotics and then on Monday they’ll anesthetize him and get a closer look. He may end up losing those two back teeth.

What a day!


5 comments on “Down in the Mouth Kind of Day”

  1. Wow. Dental appointments. We all dread them even though we know they keep us healthy,so we all know how they felt. Better days ahead…

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