Got Your Glow On?


Another beautiful fall day pulled us right outside after breakfast to continue work on the Guinea Coop. Make coops while the sun shines! The donkeys were all willing to help out. Darby was on quality control for any new wood. Bella made sure everything ‘smelled right’ and Rosie served as Edie’s constant spotter. We’re aiming to put the south wall and door on tomorrow. Getting closer!

Soon these little guys will be ready to move into their larger quarters. I’m thinking the chances of my ‘taming’ them will be much higher if we have an open space. Somehow the specter of my monster arms reaching down into their brooding box is not comforting… They have learned to notice when millet seed shows up – and it is a favourite. That will be good for training. Today I realized that when the lamp is on in their box it makes the side wall nearest the lamp turn into a ‘mirror’ of sorts. Funny to watch them suddenly see their reflections. Their necks stretch right up and they look and look … Henrietta is still the biggest but the ‘twins’, Chip and Beaks, are catching up. Henrietta stands out with her large white right wing. Miss Charlie is growing … but still is much smaller. She was the one to notice the millet seed this afternoon. No slouch in the eating department that one!

Mother Nature threw us a curve ball last night. Remember my mentioning that we needed to not use the generator until November (when the keets move to the coop)? Ha! Yesterday’s winds knocked the power out here for about five hours. So the brooding box spent the night in our bathroom under a warm towel. I think the keets must have slept all night. They sure didn’t eat or drink as much as they have been. They were hungry this morning! The maples in our yard have their glow on today. Lots of people in our area are commenting on the amazing colour this fall. Simply stunning.

2 comments on “Got Your Glow On?”

  1. Your fall colours are really grand. Edie sure is lucky to have so many assistants. Are your Maples the kind you can tap for syrup? Did I mention keets are fast runners 🙂 Laura

  2. Yes, ours are sugar maples. But they are not big enough yet. And holy smokes roadrunner – YES – I have noticed the keets can run quickly!!! Best make good friends before they are out in the woods.

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