Summer was wrestling with fall all day. The wind would bluster in from the south sending leaves scattering across the yard. Then the wild west winds would batter their way through the woods reversing the flow. Through the morning Ede worked away on the Guinea Coop. At times she thought those south winds were going to send it into orbit over the back field. The anchors held and the coop will live to see another day – with even more improvements. Meanwhile, this afternoon I was doing some indoor work and marveling at the warm wind coming in the windows. I think maybe today was summer’s last hurrah.

The donk-a-lonks had the pleasure of eating through the outside layer of a fresh bale of grass hay. Not as good as the inside of the bale in the other barn they complained … at the top of their lungs! The keets got to spend some time outdoors. They were very attentive to all the new sounds – and the smell of the fresh air. Laura, I think when I went to pick them up today they were MUCH LESS skittish. I’d say 0.5% more tame. The training continues! As those who know me well … the question can be … is she training the animal … or is the animal training her? Is there a difference? 😉

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