Ends With a Bang


Had one of those ‘up and down’ days. Up the road. Down the road. Until I found myself getting to the chores late in the afternoon. It sure gets dark more quickly now. Add to that the crashing thunderstorm that rolled through as I was finishing up – kabang!

I was in the shed with the keets when it started. I had just scooped up Henrietta when the first roll of thunder shook the ground. ‘Oh great!’ Here I was supposedly calming Henrietta. Helping her to become accustomed to being handled without being frightened when even I jumped at the crack just outside the shed door. I figured I might as well hang out there during the storm. By the time I had Miss Charlie in my palm – cupped so she was in a warm hand cave – the power suddenly went out. There I was … staring ruefully at the dark brooding box … realizing the power could go out. Hmmm… guess this fall we’ll be quick to hook up the generator to keep that light on and keep the keets ‘warm enough’. And THEN I realized the brooding box is IN the generator shed. Sitting about six inches from the monstrously noisy motor. According to my calendar these four should be in the coop come the middle of November. So … before then … no major power outages is on my ‘Hope List’!

As this storm is continuing the keets are asleep in their shed and the jennies in their barn. The cats have both made themselves scarce. And we humans are cozying up to a hearty stew for dinner. Yes – it is fall. Stay warm everyone.

2 comments on “Ends With a Bang”

  1. Hmm, as a South African I am looking forward to your tales of taming the keets, they pretty much run around wild and independently here 🙂 Laura

    1. Once again I am getting to know an animal that prior to this I never knew existed. I think independent and wild is pretty much the norm around here for them as well. The fun will be in the trying to see if ‘tame’ is a possibility. I would say they were much calmer when I picked them up today – no storm in the mix … that could have been it too! 😉

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