The Mural Artiste!

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Today I headed off on a road trip with my friends Elsie and Al Lafreniere. They had been wanting to see the new mural we have on our paddock gate. I suggested they join me in a trip up to Mountain Grove to meet Arlene Uens – the artist herself. Arlene had explained that she worked in a barn and I was very curious to see her space. I had noticed her farm a month ago as she has murals spread out throughout the field the faces her road. They are beautiful and really catch your eye when you drive by. As you continue down her road you find neighbour after neighbour with another creation on display. She paints with Tremclad paint and finishes her work off with a thick coat of marine varnish.  I love Arlene’s folksy style and the whimsy that plays throughout her images. Mountain Grove is one lucky village. If you want to add some colour to your property – look her up!

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