Bravo Mother Nature


We are loving the colour in the woods this week. It intrigues me how quickly leaves can turn colour. One week ago these trees were all green. In fact, we would almost swear that they changed overnight between Wednesday and Thursday!

Five days ago we put this beauty up on the paddock gate … and wondered when the jennies would decide to do a ‘taste test’. Found the first little nibbles this morning. So we have wrapped the green frame boards in chicken wire. Our go to solution for the barns so far. Hope it works as I enjoy looking up to see that bright cheery painting!

Had some wonderful company today – the McDougalls. Katherine is living the dream out west. She was a classmate of Edie’s in high school. John and Anne ‘snuck’ her into the yard to surprise Edie. Good fun! 😉 I always enjoy listening to these guys reminisce about their teenage years… wicked! They were wicked! Ha! Here everyone is  … just a few years later – laughing about their adventures. We decided that Edie either has the best memory – or the best imagination – and there’s no way we can confirm which it really is.


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