Coming Through

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When I first went out this afternoon the sky was full of giant cloud ships – sailing to the east.
Big beautiful billowing clouds … and then … a far off rumble made me look again.
Hmmm … not so white … not so billowy any more!

I was drilling a bamboo rake into the barn wall (’cause that’s what you do with bamboo rakes, ha!) when suddenly the rain that I thought was north of us – wasn’t… I scooted around the corner and into the barn with the jennies hot on my heels. Then we all settled in for a good long time – snoozing and listening to the rain. I think if I ever need to calm my little herd down I’ll play an audio track of a rainstorm. They go into a trance!
When the rain passed us it sent a cheery goodbye – a rainbow.
And the flowers that are still blooming said thank you!

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