My Pal

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As I was puttering around this afternoon my ever faithful buddy was keeping herself pinned close to my side. We’re best buddies. Rosie likes to walk with me – literally pressed against my legs. I realized we’ve got into a habit where we’ll walk along and I’ll leave my hand on her back and she’ll keep herself close – so close. I had left my manure sled on the Bully Road and went back to get it. When I turned around Rosie had decided that she’d come with me instead of staying with Bella and Darby. So of course I couldn’t then just desert her … It reminded me of those times when I was a kid and you’d walk your friend home, then she would walk you home … Eventually she settled in for some tasty hay and I made my exit through the front gate. I am not going to sleep in the barn tonight … I am not going to sleep in the barn tonight… 😉

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