A Work of Heart


Don’t you just love a day that starts with a surprise? This morning after breakfast we heard a knock at the door … “Did you already see it?” she asked. It was Arlene and Marlene! Arlene Uens is a local artist who I commissioned to do a piece for our front paddock. She had some beautiful work on display at the fair in August. She and her sister had snuck the painting across the lawn and propped it up for us to come out to see. I love it, love it, love it!! It will add the perfect spot of ‘sunshine’ to the far end of the paddock every day all year long. (We’ve got it on the inside for now … keeping a close eye on whether it becomes donkey food … They haven’t been chewing on the wood of the other structures down there. If we need to move it we will. But for now – it sure looks wonderful! (If you get the chance to drive through Mountain Grove and then over to Arden … you’ll see lots of other examples of Arlene’s work.) Thank you Arlene!

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