Smart Asses

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This morning as I was beginning my chores in the back paddock Ede came down the hill chuckling … “Do those smart asses up there belong to you?” Apparently she had got to the top of the donkey woods and found both Bella and Rosie inside the fenced off area – happily munching away on the greens we thought we were growing in there. (Now – truth be told – I had realized that Bella was able to get in and out of that area. And had just figured … oh, well.) So Ede and I marched up the Bully Road so she could show me the interlopers. Ha!? All three donkeys were outside of the fence looking so innocently up at us … ‘Who … us?’ In fact, Bella was trotting away from us looking very guilty. So funny that they realized they were in the wrong area and that they got out of there before she could tell on them!!  Long story short – that was the end of that fence idea. We’re onto a different approach to make sure the donkeys are clearly separated from the recreation equipment getting constructed on the other side.

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