Just a Tinge of Fall

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Another nice summer day. The cicada (aka ‘heat bugs’) were singing this morning. Phew! By the late afternoon things had cooled down considerably – much nicer to hang out with the jennies then. I’ve noticed that they don’t like to be up on the hilltop on their own still. (Versus when Paco would take them there regularly…) I think they are very aware of people who are walking their dogs or children who are playing on the playground equipment of the fair grounds. So when I get the chance I like to walk them along the back fence line and into the woods. They have great paths up along the rocky hills in there.

I was happy to see the marigolds are getting a chance to bloom in the garden. I planted them from seed this year and they had some pretty tough conditions to weather through. With this month still being so mild they are now just coming into bloom. A welcome fall burst of colour!

About midday I was finishing up the chores when I noticed the donkeys had followed me down to the front paddock. They have me trained to pick long green grass strands for them after I empty the Bully into the compost bin. Darby had decided to snuggle down into the warm sand. Bella, her ever faithful shadow, wanted to join her. So she nudged at her – Darby was going nowhere after being tricked out of her spot by Bella the other day – and so Bella nosed around Darby’s back and then settled herself right smack dab up against her. Darby knew she wouldn’t be bothered for long. Bella flopped down into the sand … for about a minute … and then popped back up to go stand in the shade … longingly looking back at her fair buddy who seems to be able to stand a lot more heat and sunshine than she can!

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