Day: September 18, 2016


The quintessential Sunday afternoon… warm, good breeze, few bugs, tasty food. I had the chance to start learning how to draw donkeys today. I’m loving having time to fiddle around with art projects. I certainly look at donkeys, and donkey pictures enough every day. So … I thought I’d try my hand and reproducing that donkey look. I’ll save my efforts to wow you with some day in the future. 😉 Ha! Drawing is a great meditation exercise for me. I can totally disappear into an afternoon and not realize how much time has passed. When my dad was retired he became quite the painter. I can relate to how relaxing that must have been for him. My sister, Cindy, is also a great painter. I think I am more of a pen and pencil type drawer … but I have some paints to experiment with this winter too. Seemed today was framed by donkey time and filled with quiet meditations. Loved it!