Nesting – Fall Style

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We woke up to cloudy skies and rain. Great luck! After making sure the jennies had their breakfast and some tasty hay to dig into under cover I came back inside and vowed to do a total clean out of my desks. My corner of the study has a ‘reading desk’ and a ‘computer desk’. And each of those have so many places to tuck away projects and files and thing-a-ma-jigs… Ede decided she would do a run to the bank and thought perhaps I’d be almost done when she returned. Ha! As my sister Cindy could easily tell you … cleaning out ‘stuff’ means lots of discoveries, pauses, time to reread old letters, that chapter you’ve been holding onto that library book for, a chance to try out all those pens … do any of them work any more? So – four hours later I looked up and found I’d managed to get things reset for a new season of puttering. However … what lurks between my desk and the wall … well that will have to be for another rainy day. 😉 The skies had cleared and it was time for me to spend a little while in the fresh air before dinner. Feels wonderful – smells like fall.

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