Late Summer Beauty

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Those storms last night drove out the hot humid air. What a change! Today was the first day that felt like September. Love it when the sun is warm … and the air is cool. Sigh
I’m amazed at how quickly the garden hydrangea and phlox stood up after that downpour. The asters even seem to be perkier today. While I was working in the front paddock I came across a Monarch. I’ve seen a few over the past week or so. They used to be very plentiful. It sure feels lucky to be able to see one this summer. It was flitting quite happily from flower to flower – mostly asters and goldenrod. We’ve let the milkweed plants grow where they like this year – middle of the garden – in the ditch – in the field behind us. Not in the donkey habitats though … as I’ve read they can be poisonous to them.

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