Day: September 10, 2016


I’ve just come in from watching some HUGE storms drift by south of us. The television kept going to the “Emergency Alert System” during the news. There are some strong storm cells riding through that might spawn a tornado or two … Hope everyone is safe.

The hay barn experiment continues. There are lots of seeds buds on this bale. The jennies love munching through them. We’re still wasting very little … but I think it is pretty tough for them to pull much off the bale when the back of the bale is pressed against the barn wall. Tomorrow my plan is to rotate it. They have plenty of hay in feeders in their barns in the back paddock while this experiment continues.

While I listen to the thunder rolling out there I am hoping the Cronk wedding down the road is faring well. I’m thinking they’ve been dodging rainstorms on and off this afternoon.