Day: September 8, 2016

Innovation # … Oh heck, I’ve lost count!

So … had a few minutes … (don’t all fix ‘er upper stories start like that?) and I began to think about the coming winter … the c.c.c.c.c..cold. And the sn….o…..w. AND that the three jennies don’t take up a lot of room in the ‘barns’. [I prefer to call them barns, some might call them sheds.] And about how they love to chew on a hay bale… Which all added up to another innovation at the Meadow. 😉 This morning we built a ‘hay feeder’ out of some pallets we’ve been storing. The idea is that the donkeys can chew on the bale without tearing it all down, stomping on it and messing it all up with manure. Oh, and that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to see if it works.

So far … so good. You see, normally when they would start to munch on the top of the bale it would unwind and then they’d ignore the bottom half of the roll and continue to eat on into the centre. Eventually the bottom half of the bale would be wasted. Here’s my plan. Perhaps this way they’ll eat across the top – and then – when only the ‘bottom is left’ they’ll eat that too. I think this experiment will take a number of days. Stay tuned.