Road Runner


August 9 Road Runner03
I was doing one of my favourite things today … finding new roads to discover. The Parham Fair is coming up soon and I was delivering flyers to the back roads of the surrounding villages.
August 9 Road Runner01
I drove around Big Clear Lake, Cranberry Lake, Long Lake, Eagle Lake, Beaver Lake, Kennebec Lake, Fifth Depot Lake … It is no wonder they call us the ‘Land O’ Lakes Region’. When you are up in an airplane looking down … there is more water here than land. Our roads weave deceptively through green spaces that every now and again give clues as to the water bodies behind them. But notice … what were the views I stopped to admire and take pictures of?
August 9 Road Runner02
The fields! Of course! It was a beautiful day – with a good strong breeze. I ran into four fire trucks on my route all heading to fight a brush fire near O’Reilly Lake Resort. Hopefully that is under control …
August 9 Road Runner04
Along my last stretch of road I came across this view on a beaver dam… Hmmm…
August 9 Road Runner05
Bingo! Look at those ears! I think those are deer air conditioning systems. She was leaning WAY OUT into the marsh grass to get to the water. And then – pop – realized the sound of my tires stopped. They sure are lovely beasties!

Hope you are managing to stay cool. I gave in and watered each of our flower gardens for sixty seconds … stood there and held the hose. The plants are all wilting!! Oh, one more thing, I discovered Elm Tree today. A teeny tiny village with the MOST BEAUTIFUL garden!! I am going to make that drive again – and this time I won’t be too shy about taking a picture. SO lovely. Worth a road trip if you are in the mood for lots of wildlife, trees and rocks … and then that little magical place tucked on a corner. Definitely off the beaten path.

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