Riding Out the Heat Wave


We’re riding out another extreme heat warning. It is daunting to think that this might be our new norm … I know many places around the world  are used to these HOT, DRY … (well dry as in little rain) and HUMID summers. How do you end up with a dry yet humid summer?  The critters that live around us seem to be adapting. Everything disappears for mid-day siestas either in the woods, underground or in the barns. Bella is the first to seek out the shade and the other two follow her lead. Spot (as in our granddaughter’s new found chipmunk friend) continues to seek us out each morning. He now tries to intercept me as I come out of the garage in the morning with the bird seed. He is heading for the ‘bad books’. Ede discovered he has started to rob the tiger lilies of their blooms and his trying to bury them in the vegetable garden! Ha!
August 406
Speaking of ingenuity … here is my latest invention in my war on biting flies. I’ve spread Tanglefoot (sticky gluey bug trap) on these two plates. When I do the manure clean up I first do a little ‘cymbals move’. By waving these over the piles I managed to capture a TON (well … a bug ton) of the hatching flies. Today’s score: Wendy 1 – Bugs – ZIP!

4 comments on “Riding Out the Heat Wave”

  1. It looks like there is lots of ingenuity happening at the Meadow View, to give shade, keep cool and catch bugs! Hope you get some relief soon.

  2. Hope you get some relief soon, we of course are now counting the days to our spring and reprieve from many layers of clothing. Please ask Ede to video the ‘Wendy Makarane’ 🙂 Laura

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