Day: July 29, 2016

Hey! Down here!

Wednesday morning, before heading off for some boating with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Beth, Kyla and Lexi made sure to spend some time with their new found friend ‘Spot’. Spot had learned over the days the girls were here that they would sit forever and feed him seeds from their hands. He would let them pet him stroke his tail. Then it became a game of following Spot to see where he would take the seeds … and each time he’d come back they’d meet him sooner and sooner. That meant that this morning, when there were no girls to be had, Spot came to find me – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PADDOCK! He scampered across the sand, heedless of the donkeys about, climbed up onto my shoe and held on. HELD ON! His message was very clear. “Hey! I’m down here! And I’m hungry!” Seems there is another member of the Meadow Critter family now!