Baby Critters Everywhere!

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One of those … if you only knew how many pictures I did NOT put up … days. 😉 I’m still amazed at how MUCH you can pack into a day when you have young ones on the scene. Although I’d say the girls are sleeping in a bit longer than they used to when they were littler … or perhaps … when it was closer to the end of the school year and the daily practice of getting up and out on time. We all worked in the paddocks all morning. At one point Kyla and I were called to investigate a project that Gramma Ede and Lexi had started – a climbing tree! (This is when I think Gramma Ede’s depth (or height) perception loss shows up. Ha!) Eight tree ladder steps up gives a bird’s eye view of the woods and the Bully Road. Lexi and I baked tea biscuits for lunch. She is good with the roller! We also spent some time down the road at the Tryon farm meeting the latest babies – Hanny the donkey, baby goats, teeny tiny quail chicks and a baby duck. As I’m writing the girls are at Eagle Lake beach with Gramma Ede. I’m on macaroni and cheese duty. Yum!

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