Snoozin’ on a Summer Afternoon


Yesterday was one of those summer days that are warm and dry. There was a breeze, there were clouds and there were fewer biting flies than usual. That did not deter me from launching the next phase of my ‘Biter War’! A tub of ‘Tanglefoot’ arrived by mail. A big tub of gooey sticky fly trapping paste. I have not lathered it on every surface available – contrary to my first instincts! Instead I made some homemade fly tapes by painting it on old saran wrap rolls. I also cut up a cardboard box and stapled rectangles (which I then painted) in the shelters. This morning’s inspection discovered lots trapped under the pine tree in the back paddock – none captured under the shade tarp in the front paddock.

In the meantime the jennies loved the opportunity to loll on the knoll soaking up the mild day. Love Bella’s expression!
July 2106

2 comments on “Snoozin’ on a Summer Afternoon”

  1. Another trick for deer flies. Use the tanglefoot and put on a blue plastic cup. Has to move and it will attract them We have tanglefoot coming so haven’t tried yet but I’ve heard it works great!!

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