My Vote Goes to …


… Hanny! We (as in our local Agricultural Society) hosted our first Family Farm Day today. The amazing Tryon Family (Cari, Owen and Kate, Maddy, Isabelle and Ethan) offered their farm for farm tours and games. More than two hundred people came through the gates between 10 this morning and 2 this afternoon. I worked a while at the main gate, introduced people to the dwarf goat ‘kids’ and then spent the most time in the pasture introducing people to Hanny and her mom and sister. Hanny loves people. She spent most of her time walking the fence line getting petted and ooooohed and aaaahhhhhed over. Around 2 o’clock her little legs were just too tired to stand up any more and she slept awhile … right along the fence so she could see anyone else who came to visit. By the end of the afternoon the guests and all of the volunteers were darn tired! I think everyone will sleep well tonight!

6 comments on “My Vote Goes to …”

  1. Hanny is just the sweetest little thing ….. you have now got me wanting for a tiny donkey in my garden 🙂 Laura

  2. Many Thanks to the lovely Tryon Family, as well as to you, and all the people who must have spent long hours preparing for this event! It was such a wonderful opportunity for us to see so many animals – large and small – including a tiny donkey who is as soft as a bunny rabbit………..what a gift!

  3. Nanny was certainly the bell of the ball! The farm day was amazing and my thanks to the hosting family as well. I am sure you and Ede have compared stories from today. Flo was tired by the time we saw Hanny and did not realize the significance of such a tiny creature and the amazing difference in Taylor’s attitude towards the animals was incredible! Cheers to both of you and love you both!

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