Mish Mash


Here’s a mash up of pictures from the last few days. I popped down to Woodstock to visit Cindy (my sister) and her family for a few days. On Tuesday morning we found ourselves relaxing outside while we kept an eye on ‘Sweetie Pie’. Sweetie Pie is a bearded dragon. When ‘she’ is in Cindy’s care she is a cuddly (didn’t know lizards could be cuddly!) and curious critter. She lets her out in the backyard and Sweetie Pie scoots from shady spot to shady spot looking for bugs and fresh wet grass. We had to stay close by as the blackbirds and the blue jays were sending out warning cries. How does a Canadian wild bird even know that a lizard is something to sound the alarm about? Hmmm … I guess they’d do the same for a soft furry kitten … I’m back home today enjoying some rainshowers. The fall straight down soaking kind of rain. Means we can keep the windows open. Loving that! The jennies have decided to ride out the different showers under the shade tarp. I think they are also enjoying this cooler air – and rainy cloudy day. Sighs of relief all around!

4 comments on “Mish Mash”

  1. Beautiful photos today. A dragon lizard lives across the street from me. I checked up & fed him once & got to know Merlin a little. He loved his (& my garden arugula) but he truly relished his daily mealy bugs. I don’t know if his little boys ever take him outside, can’t ask as they are at summer camp out west now for 3 weeks. But I am not his baby sitter this time. It was very touching how excited he got when he saw me coming to feed him. He is a very curious fellow. My first Lizard.

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