… and ANOTHER!


Aha! Bet I fooled some of you! NOT another donkey! Another shed! 😉 Moving to four propane tanks for our furnace means we need to make sure the overhang they are under is not cluttered with garden tools and other goodies. I’m looking forward to having things cleared up out there soon. Not today … TOO hot. Funny how we huddle inside to get out of the cold in February and do the same in July to stay cool!

The front gardens seem to be hanging in there okay. They get some good shade in the mornings. The first phlox bloomed today. And the nasturtium I planted in May are now starting to bloom too. Love when we are heading into July. It is the season of an embarrassment of colour in our yard. I do feel sorry for the hydrangea that are out in the sun most of the day. They’re feeling awfully droopy.

My new shoes – which from here on in I’ll call clodhoppers – are working out really well! On hot days like these my super wick socks are keeping my feet dry. And the TOES! Loving those steel toes! Saved my feet twice today from nasty new bruises. Too bad they didn’t make them in some other colour. You know … a nice peach or pink or blue or … anything other than eye popping black with WHITE laces. Ha!

The jennies spent another day in the comfort of the shady back paddock. There are not as many biting flies out there – compared to the front paddock. There are still too many for my liking. I found a way to order ‘Tanglefoot’ paste. It is a paint on glue you can put on anything that will then trap those biters. Just like on those sticky strips. I’m looking forward to creating my own trap spots! They also were very happy with the new hay bale that arrived yesterday. Randy drove it in right off the field. Rosie was munching at it even as he was backing it into the barn. Definitely tasty in their books!

4 comments on “… and ANOTHER!”

  1. I like those shoes! You can always get funky laces if you are of a mind. The new fly glue will be very interesting to hear about.

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