We’re Back!


All is fine. We just got carried away by the beautiful weather and a few projects needing some catch up time. When I get out of routine I find I don’t remember to put my camera belt on!

Speaking of equipment … Notice the … hmmm … classy is not quite the word … goofy … goofy? Yes! Goofy! Notice my goofy new steel toed running shoes! Ede decided she wasn’t comfortable waiting for the day I broke my foot – or Bella broke my toes – or I stabbed myself again (yes again … hate to admit that!) with the pitchfork. Not classy. But they sure are comfortable and I don’t have to dance around when I have a donkey intent on a people hug. (Donkey-people hugs require the human to allow the donkey to wrap their neck and legs around yours … and often is accompanied by a hoof planted securely on your foot!)

I’ve been watching the baby wrens explore the back paddock. They are so tiny! I captured some zoomed in shots of one of the babies having a sand bath while the parent perched in the snow fence – standing on guard. Those wren babies seem to always be laughing … they make quite a ruckus in the woods. A ruckus that makes me smile.

The donkeys have almost lost their winter coats. It is quite a change. I’m thinking that having the paddocks front and back now filled with sand has made for more rolling … and maybe smoother shedding? Or … maybe it is the twice daily routine of brushing. Have I mentioned that yet? HOW MUCH THEY LOVE BRUSHING!

We’re heading for another heat wave this week. So far the dark barn has really helped the jennies on these hot muggy days. We sure notice that the mosquito population has been pretty much wiped out. So it is the biting flies they are hiding from. Glad they have a run in to sleep away the mid-day.

I did a lot of running around today getting posters printed for our Agricultural Society’s fundrasier coming up in just under two weeks. Carrie and Owen have offered their farm for a fun-filled family day! What a great idea! I’m looking forward to that.
Sheep PosterIf you live in our neck of the woods you should find your way here for that day. They sure have a lot going on at their farm – and are going to run tours of their barns and there will be lots of space and time to introduce yourself to their critters. One of whom is a brand new baby donkey named Hanny. It may have to be my job to look after her! 😉

Stay cool!

3 comments on “We’re Back!”

  1. Here I was thinking you had to have a long recovery from Canada day celebrations 🙂 Hope you had a good one. Hmmm might there also a spare little Jack to bring home? Keep cool and drink lots. Laura

  2. Wendy I think those shoes are in style with the youngins! You are just keeping up with the times. Nobody has to know they are steel toe( except keeping Ede happy for your safety),
    Cheers, Barb

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