For the Birds

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Oh … if you only knew what pictures I didn’t post. SUCH a beautiful day! There are baby birds popping out of trees and barns and even the garage. I found a robin trapped between the chicken wire and the Bully Garage wall. It was delightful to set it free and see it fly to its parents. Then throughout the day the parents have been chasing it and I think perhaps two others all through the woods. They gather up worms – sit in the trees and call – and then zoom down to where you can hear a baby chirping. There are also baby wrens in the donkey garden and on the fence line. There are baby phoebes along the laneway. And baby Hairy Woodpeckers galore chasing their tired parents all over the yard.

The jennies are enjoying a cooler day – with a nice northwest breeze to chase some of the flies away. We were even able to go for a walk in the woods and hang out at the top of the hill with our faces into the  wind. I wonder if having the hay cut in the back field has meant fewer flies?

Happy FIRST SUMMER EVENING to all the kids out there! What an amazing feeling that always was … that first night … when you knew the entire summer was in front of you … not one day used up yet! And happy almost holidays to all of the teachers who have one more day to finish up their paperwork, pack up their classrooms, plan for next year, pack up summer homework, attend staff meetings … I know I always had trouble fitting all of those jobs into that last day!

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