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I know that our family’s teachers out there will be counting ‘three more sleeps’ until their students are set free upon the world for the summer vacation. Good luck everyone! This is a tremendously challenging week for teachers – keeping their students’ attention, managing all the end of the year paperwork and clean up and keeping their own energy up through the hot, hot days!

Meanwhile, here at the Meadow, we are already well into our summer. I opened up the hillside and the woods again today. We close them off from late May through June as Darby can get colicky if she has too much fresh greens … There certainly are not fresh greens up there now. We’re having a real drought. I can see by the hay that was cut on the back field that yields are going to be awfully low this year… The trees are already starting to droop and the tall weeds and grasses are wilting. This could be a ‘cracker’ of a summer!

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