The Three Muskateers


I sure am fond of these three! They are there to greet me when I peek out of the garage in the mornings … and walk along with me when I finish up the chores as the sun is going down. They are coming together nicely as a team. I miss Paco terribly … and I sense that they still look for him. But … I’ve also noticed much less tension between them now that they are not vying for his attention. Darby and Rosie are much friendlier … and even spend some time grooming each other almost every day. They wander away from each other more than they did before. Not sure how that plays into the changed politics. Darby was the only one who came down with me to the front paddock when I did the morning scoop through. Although – it did require that she lay as flat as she possibly could to block the deer flies from all of her tender spots! It looks like a stinker of a day tomorrow … and possibly the next too. (Poor kids and teachers are having an awfully humid and hot ending to their school year!) We’re all thankful for the dark and cool Bully Barn.

2 comments on “The Three Muskateers”

  1. Can’t for the life of me remember the term for a male donkey? Have been meaning to ask for a while if the donkeys can be ridden and have you ever tried? Enjoy your weekend. Laura

    1. Hi Laura. Male donkeys are called jacks. If they are castrated they are called geldings. Interesting question about riding donkeys. Obviously around the world they are ridden and used to do some very heavy work. Sometimes little ones will perch on Rosie or Bella’s backs. Just for pictures – not for real riding. I think Darby would be able to carry someone. I just find myself thinking … why would I do that? Of course, if she were to ‘ask’ me to jump on I would comply. 😉

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