I heard all about him …

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I met a new member of our veterinary services team today – Dr. Macdonald. We really like our vets. They are, as most I’ve met over the years, a very caring group. Dr. Macdonald is fairly new to the team. We hadn’t met before. But she had heard all about Paco’s story. He and the jennies were featured in their calendar this past year. And his story was a bit of the lore that was passed on to her when she first arrived. When she pulled into our laneway she introduced herself and explained that she knew there were the three jennies – and she was sorry that we had lost Paco. As you can imagine, that warmed this donkey mom’s heart. She was great with the girls who all got their shots – no fuss – no muss. Thank you St. Lawrence Veterinary Services for all that you do!

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