It is June and the world smells of lilacs.


We spent an idyllic day moseying around the paddocks – wandering in the shady woods – and breathing in the smell of the lilac blooming in the front yard. There were so many Tiger Swallowtails fluttering around I took a gazillion shots! I’ve shut down the hillside for a while. Rosie’s hoof is much less tender today. She no longer has a limp. But I want to be on the safe side. (The joke around here is just how long I will manage to stay with that resolution!) Our current hay is green and fresh and the paddocks are soft and have sunny and shady spots to hang out. I cannot see any indication of an abscess and her hoof wall and sole are still not tender. It is still a little iffy if I push on her ‘ankle’. So I am still considering the possibility that her raids into the ‘No Zone’ (where we’re growing fresh trees as a hedge between us and the fairgrounds) may have yielded too much sweet greens. The other possibility is that she somehow yanked her leg/ankle playing tag with the others. I sure was glad to see her moving better this morning! We’ve had a good stiff breeze all day – and no bugs! What a June bonus!

2 comments on “It is June and the world smells of lilacs.”

    1. Thanks Laura. Everything is in bloom. We’ve had another weird turn of cold weather. Down to six degrees last night! Brrrrr! There is a heat wave coming our way from the west … I think. If there is one thing Canadians talk about a LOT it is the weather. 8)

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